2024 - Ramadan Planner Notion Template

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Hello guys! This is my first Ramadan Planner Notion Template! It is designed to help you observe Ramadan with focus, organization, and spiritual growth. This template allows you to track your fasting, prayers, Quran reading, Sadaqah, and meal planning during Ramadan with a beautiful and aesthetic template.


  1. Fast & Prayer Tracker:
    • Record your fasting days and monitor your progress throughout Ramadan.
    • Track your daily prayers and sunnah prayers.
  2. Quran Tracker:
    • Plan and track your daily Quran reading goals.
  3. Sadaqah Tracker:
    • Keep a record of your Sadaqah during Ramadan.
    • Monitor the types of Sadaqah you've given and to whom.
  4. Meal Planner:
    • Plan your meals for Suhoor and Iftar.
    • Create shopping lists to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients.

How to use it:

  1. Duplicate this Notion template to your workspace.
  2. Customize the trackers and planner sections according to your personal preferences and goals.
  3. Regularly update your progress and review your reflections to stay motivated and focused throughout Ramadan.

May this Ramadan be a source of blessings, guidance, and spirituality for you.

💚 Khalisha.

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2024 - Ramadan Planner Notion Template

0 ratings
I want this!